11 Travel Hacks Only the Pros Know

10) Use ATMs to Get Foreign Money

When traveling to different countries, you will very likely need to acquire some of the local currency. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, money exchange machines have associated fees. And depending how much you take out, you can lose out on quite a bit. Therefore, a good way to save some of this money is to take out money from a foreign ATM. Since ATM’s contain local currency, your withdrawal will be in the needed currency. Depending on your bank, there admittedly may be a fee. However, it will likely be a flat fee per withdrawal, not a rate fee. Additionally, if your bank has international branches, you may not have this problem at all. And some banks cover the fee of out-of-network ATM’s. Thus, using ATM’s, at the airport or not, will free up more funds to enjoy on your trip.