10 US States with the Highest Life Expectancy

6) New York

New York has an average lifespan of 80.5 years. The last two decades have shown a marked increase in longevity specifically for those who live in New York City. AIDS, homicide, heart disease, cancer, drug and smoking deaths all decreased, and the city has gone from having one of the lowest expectancies to one of the highest, even with a concentrated pollution problem. It has also been subject to several controversial laws trying to curb bad health habits. A study released in 2013 found that a high percentage of immigrants was another factor, as they tend to be less affected by many of the same diseases that affect natives of this country. In 2013, the state, as a whole, was ranked as having the tenth lowest obesity rate in the country. Saratoga County, in Upstate New York, was recently ranked as the healthiest county in the state.