10 US States with the Highest Life Expectancy

3) Connecticut

Connecticut has an average life expectancy of 80.8. They have one of the best water qualities in the country, high vaccination rates, and rates of HIV, MRSA, smoking and teen births have all decreased in recent years. Connecticut also has a high average income, which typically correlates to better access to health care. Unfortunately, the state still has some major challenges to contend with. There is a massive difference in outcome for their low-income population, as well as disparities based on race, ethnicity and gender. In addition, they have seen an increase in rates of asthma, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Connecticut is also experiencing an increase in rates of binge drinking and prescription medication abuse. After a year of studying data and statistics, the Connecticut Department of Health put together the Healthy Connecticut 2020 report to help focus on areas for improvement.