10 Tips for Traveling on the Cheap

cheap flightIt’s simple. The cheaper you travel, the more often you can travel. Rather than bemoaning the rising cost of the same old package vacation deal, think outside the box and organize your own vacation. By organizing your travel plans independently you can cut out the middle man and take your budget into your own hands. And by being more flexible in terms of where and how you travel, it’s possible to cut the cost of your trip in half, giving you two vacations for the price of one!

1) How To Get the Cheapest Flights

With price comparison websites like Skyscanner, FareCompare, and Travelocity doing the hard work of filtering through all of the available airlines to find the cheapest possible ticket, there’s no reason anyone should pay over the average for a flight ever again. However, there are other things you can do on top of using price comparison websites to get the cheapest airfare. The key, as ever, is to be flexible. Instead of searching for a flight to a particular place on a particular day, take off all of the filters and look at the cheapest day to fly to your destination of choice. Alternatively, search the day you want to travel and look for the cheapest destination. And while being internet savvy is a great way to save money on flights, the old-fashioned approach can work at times too. Try calling the airline’s ticketline to see what they can offer you as a last-minute deal. If you’re not getting any joy from the operator you’re speaking to, ask to speak to their manager and, you never know, you might bag a bargain.