10 Safety Tips for Senior Travelers


4) Buy Travel Insurance

Everybody knows the importance of travel insurance and whether you’re 91 or 21 you should never leave your country of residence without it. Young people often take the cheapest travel insurance option and hope for the best but when you’re a little older it’s obviously a better idea to spend time researching travel insurance options to make sure you’re getting the right package for you. It’s absolutely imperative that you tell the travel insurance agent everything they need to know about your health when you purchase the insurance to make sure there’s no chance way they can void your claim because of a technicality. It’s a good idea to visit your doctor before you buy your travel insurance as they may ask very specific questions about your heath that you must answer truthfully such as, do you have high blood pressure or have you ever taken anti-depressants. Your answer to these questions will not necessarily push up your premium but answering them incorrectly can void your cover. There are some insurance companies that cater specifically to seniors (these differ depending on your nationality) and it’s also worth seeing what your bank can offer too.