10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the US

8) French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was founded in 1718 and the French Quarter is its oldest neighborhood. Many of the buildings date back to 18th century during Spanish rule, although more were built after the city was handed over the United States in 1803. Jackson Square is a public park in the Quarter and runs along the historic St. Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo, once a city hall and now a museum, as well as the Presbytere, which is also a museum. Nearby, the always-open world-famous Cafe Du Monde serves beignets and cafe-au-lait. Bourbon Street is the most recognizable street name in the Quarter due to its large number of bars and famous annual Mardi Gras celebrations, which draws thousands of visitors each year. If you’re into nightlife and history, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is the oldest bar in the country. Also, the Central Grocery is the home of the original muffaletta sandwich. In 2014, 9.5 million people visited New Orleans, almost returning to pre-Hurricane Katrina numbers.