10 Best Places to Visit in Florida


7) Ocala National Forest

If you want to spend some time experiencing much of what nature has to offer, the Ocala National Forest is a prime destination to consider. For people who enjoy hiking, the Florida Scenic Trail has a 66-mile-long segment in the forest, which reaches many popular recreation areas, such as the springs. The springs are great for swimming year-round, since they maintain a constant temperature of 72°F. You can also go paddling, scuba diving, and snorkeling in specific parts of the spring areas. If you’d rather stay on land but don’t want to wander around on foot, there are seemingly endless amounts of trails which are accessible by bicycle, so you can quickly make your way around. There are 2 trails specifically meant for biking as well, the Alexander and Clearwater Loops. Additionally, there are many equestrian trails in the forest. Regardless of your mode of transport, you can see vast amounts of Florida greenery and bodies of water as you travel through.