Best Budget Travel Sites

There are numerous discounted travel sites with extravagant deals. Below we’ve listed some of the best cheap travel sites. Pick your destination and go!


Expedia is an online travel shopping company based in Seattle, offering numerous travel discounts on their website. Including flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages. Best Price Guarantee is offered through, promising the best online rates available for all types of travel. Expedia is voted the overall winner for best travel deals, offering everyday low prices. Last minute bargains, including various bundles, are often found with even deeper discounts. Expedia membership provides 10% or more savings on most trips and packages. You will earn Expedia points in return, being able to use them for flights, activities and accommodations, saving even more on travel. Benefits using Expedia include, no charge cancellation fees for most hotel reservations. Many properties also do not charge an advance fee. Therefore, helping save travel costs until the time of your trip. Beware of hidden service fees, charging $6.99 to $11.99 for booking an airline ticket. The fees are often hidden, while being subjected to government and taxes and other fees. 

Travelocity is a leading online travel website, which is actually owned by The two sites are very similar, with some slight differences. A range of travel-related services are offered, including deals on airline, hotel and car reservations. Being the third most popular website, Travelocity has 12.4 million monthly visitors. Overall, booking online is cheaper. Using the app itself is free. Although, you will most likely be hit with booking fees, ranging from $2.99 to $12.99. Most airlines will also charge an over the phone reservation fee, between $5 and $20. Keep in mind while booking your reservations, for economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than prices for Sunday travel. is an easy navigation website. Being able to stroll to select your reservations comfortably. You have the option of selecting your airline seats, when available, without additional fees, at time of booking. One downfall with Travelocity is it’s inconvenience of changing reservations without difficulty. You will most likely be hit with some hefty fees. According to TripAdvisor, customer services lacks at it’s finest, when attempting to change travel plans. 

Kayak –

Kayak is a reliable travel booking website, offering the lowest  price, whether or not Kayak is the website offering you that price. You will be able to search for hundreds of deals, including hotels and flights, along with car rentals, cruises, and packages. Kayak shows various airlines, with options to pick the best, cheapest, and/or the fastest route. Many last minute hotel rates are offered through Kayak, finding savings up to 35% on nightly rates. displays results from 2 million plus properties and hundreds of third party sites. Kayak’s travel search engine looks across the web to find the best option for you. There are useful tools to help with your search, including a Price Alert option, notifying you when prices in your search have dropped.

Flex Search offers additional discounts when you are flexible with your travel dates. Kayak doesn’t sell anything. The site is simply formed to make sure travelers know their options and are finding the best deals. –

The website is known as the second best overall online travel website. Offering great rates, with no reservation costs, you’re able to book over 1,400,000 hotels online. Free cancellation policy and best price guarantee are great benefits offered through Secure booking, excellent 24/7 customer service and exclusive discounts offered daily. Travel rewards and discounts are included in the Genius loyalty program. This provides travelers with additional savings, while using the travel online website. is a highly rated mobile app, with over 700 million visitors. Easy to navigate, efficient, and reliable, you will find your best travel deals through Approximately 80% of all digital travel sales occur online. Unlike other travel online websites, offers free cancellation on nearly all hotel rooms. Clear pricing, with no hidden fees are offered, with continuous low rates. Instant confirmation is received after any booking service.

Priceline –

Priceline works a bit different than most online travel websites. It’s free to join and you get VIP discounts and benefits. This starts immediately, after signing up. While using, you “Name Your Own Price”. Travelers enter the dates and destination, and Priceline lists available flights, hotels, and rental cars. Then you  place a “bid” on accommodations, leaving some of their details hidden from you (such as flight departure and arrivals). If your bid is accepted, Priceline will then reveal the full details of your trip. This is a bit of a risky way to travel, as you will need to be flexible with your travel plans. The website is pretty straightforward. You select your itinerary, add your passenger information and wait for your confirmation, once Priceline accepts your bid. Make sure this is the deal you want, as you will need to add your payment information, as well. You are charged upfront, once your bid is accepted.

Trivago –

Trivago is mainly a hotel search website. It’s one of the largest and most advantageous Metasearch engines for hotels. This site searches numerous hotels and other booking websites, using an extensive price comparison, looking for the best deal. This allows users to compare hotel prices from more than 300 booking sites, offering more than 5 million hotels and other accommodations. Hotel prices are compared and displayed from other booking sites. Trivago works with online travel agencies, accommodation chains and independent hotels. This site searches across more than approximately 190 countries. Depending on the traveler’s needs, it may be cheaper to call the hotel directly. One downside of using the Trivago site is that they don’t offer a rewards program that allows you to earn points for each purchase. Therefore, Trivago would not be the first pick for frequent travelers. For a casual, or last minute booking, Trivago is ideal, while you are likely to find the best and cheapest deal.

TripAdvisor –

TripAdvisor is an online travel website, offering bookings for hotel reservations, transportation, flights, dining, and vacation packages. Discounts are offered directly on, using a code at checkout. Frequent travelers can save even more by signing up for TripAdvisor Plus. This costs $99 annually, and is risk-free, being able to cancel anytime within the first 90 days of membership. TripAdvisor is a generally easy site to navigate and doesn’t charge any upfront booking fees, excluding taxes. It’s claimed to be one of the largest travel online websites. This site is prone to reach more demographics, while offering 28 languages. Travelers have extensive benefits, once directly booking through TripAdvisor. Payment protection is provided, making it safer to use TripAdvisor than other traditional travel sites. TripAdvisor books through partnerships, meaning you never need to enter credit card details or personal information to use it. You are not even required to create an account on TripAdvisor, making it safer, excluding personal information.