Best Airlines in 2022

It’s been a world of the “unknown”, since COVID hit in 2019. Airlines have been affected worldwide, with numerous flight cancellations and delays. Now that travel has engaged once again, let’s take a look at some of the best domestic airlines to travel. Bon Voyage!

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has been voted the best airline to travel in North America for the third year in a row, according to “Forbes” Magazine. Being the most reliable, Delta offers the lowest rate of cancellations, delays, and mishandled luggage. Delta offers inflight food and beverage services, along with inflight TV. Delta’s onboard experiences include basic economy, comfort plus, first class, premium select, and Delta One. Each will provide comfort and compatible pricing on every flight. Customers have voted Delta as America’s most-awarded airline, due to their passion, dedication, professionalism and customer service. For the more frequent flyers, be sure to look into Delta SkyMiles. These points are worth approximately 1.3 cents each, a comparable difference with other airlines. Delta also provides Delta Sky Club memberships, including exclusive specials for diamond and platinum medallion members. Offering a Delta Sky Club Guest Pass, bonus miles and a travel voucher, Delta will show you why they’re the best to travel with!

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the best in the country for basic and economy flights. They offer service to 103 destinations across the United States and 10 other countries, in addition. Currently offering flights to 42 states, and being the newest addition to Syracuse, New York. Southwest has been listed as one of the safest airlines to fly. While offering flights as low as $49 each way, you will be sure to find reasonable fares to any destination of your choice. Southwest is the world’s latest low-cost carrier. With additional perks, such as two free checked in bags, and onboard refreshments. Another perk that flyers love, is the fact that Southwest Airlines does not give any advanced seat assignments. You choose your seat when you get onboard your flight. It is recommended, the sooner you check in, beginning 24 hours before your flight, the lower the boarding number you will receive. The boarding groups are in an alphabetical and numeric form.

Jet Blue

JetBlue currently offers 900 flights daily, serving more than 100 cities. Free in-flight Wi-Fi, unlimited snacks and refreshments, along with roomy coach seats, JetBlue is a personal favorite. You’ll get to choose from several flight options, including: Blue, Blue Basic, Blue Plus, Blue Extra or Mint. Each package offers different amenities, such as priority boarding, personal and overhead carry-ons, and check-in bags. It’s worth paying a little extra for JetBlue’s exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for fewer delays and closer to on-time scheduling, JetBlue may not be your first choice airline. Currently, due to staff shortages, many airlines have been unable to meet the surging demand for air travel. JetBlue offers numerous direct flights across the Atlantic. Saving time and money, without the transitioning of connecting flights. With so many current delays, this will lessen the stress of missing any connectors and having to reschedule your trip.

United Airways

Choose more than 210 destinations in the United States and more than 120 destinations internationally, with United Airlines. Over 4,500 flights operate daily, across five continents. United has 76% of on-time departure and arrivals. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, Tuesdays are generally the cheapest day of the week to fly. While traveling within the U.S. and Canada, United First (an upgraded service), will offer you extra space and comfort, along with complimentary dining and alcoholic beverages. Be on the lookout for weekly deals and offers on the United Airlines website. You can find discounted flights for 18-22 year olds, veterans, and promotional certificates offered to all. Most airlines offer vacation packages and have exceptional car rental offers, as well. If you’re looking for a first-class opportunity, you will experience even more premier benefits. Including, no service fees for check in bags (maximum of 2), and premium seats, offering more comfort and legroom.

American Airlines

A major U.S.- based airline, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, American Airlines is one of the world’s largest fleets. Although check-in bags can be a bit expensive, ranging from $30-$40 per bag, American offers great deals when booking in advance. If you choose to upgrade to premium economy, business, or first class, you will get one or more free checked bags. Booking your flight 30-45 days before departure will save you money. There are a few more restrictions on American Airlines than others, including an extra cost for a carry-on bag. This differs flight to flight, depending on the availability in the overhead space. Daily flights are operated throughout 3,400 flights, serving 240 destinations. American Airlines is often delayed and has numerous flight cancellations. In return, the advantage of flying such a large airline is the availability to be booked on numerous alternate flights while getting to your destination. 


Frontier is known as “America’s Greenest Airline”. Being the newest and most fuel-efficient family aircraft in the United States. Known as one of the more budget-friendly airlines, Frontier offers flights as low as $29 each way. Be sure to book your flight earlier to catch these offers! There are fabulous deals, up to 80% off daily flights. Who can beat those prices, right? There is a catch- Frontier charges for seat selection, carry-ons, and any check-in bags. You will most likely find a cheap flight, but beware of all of the hidden fees involved… they add up quickly! Discount Den is a nice offer through Frontier Airlines. You’ll become a member and receive additional pricing discounts and Frontier miles for every flight. Be sure to look for exclusive deals in your emails, including lowest fares guaranteed. Kids fly free on select dates and flights.


Allegiant Airlines offer cheap flight and hotel deals. Bundling your flights generally will give you the best package. This low-cost airline will offer you many perks, but once again, look out for the hidden fees. Due to current labor shortages, Allegiant may not be the most reliable airline at this time. There has been an increase in cancellation rates. Another downfall flying Allegiant, is their cancelation policy. Flight cancellations can occur for various reasons. Be sure to always check the status of your flight at least 24-hours in advance. Overall, Allegiant offers safe and affordable flights for any kind of traveler.