Tips for Traveling Solo

Have you ever thought about traveling alone? Completely solo, having no itinerary, other than your own?  We have some tips to make your trip more relaxing, safer, and more enjoyable. Start packing! 

Share Your Travel Plans

Always be sure to share your travel plans with a trusted friend or family member. Leave your itinerary, including your flight information and hotel you’ll be staying at. Let your trusted person know about any excursions you’ll be involved in. Check in sparingly throughout your trip, letting your friends and family know that you are safe. If you post on social media, make sure it’s a “safe zone”, before listing your exact location. Let your friends be aware of any suspicious activity from you. Have an emergency code to reach out via cell phone to others. Make sure to have your phone location turned on at all times. Let your trusted ones know your passwords, if applicable.Inform the front desk of your hotel when you expect to return from day trips. Give them a list of 3 or more names and numbers to contact, in case of an emergency. 

Secure Your Valuables

Leave valuables at home, or be sure to store them in your hotel safe. Do not give out the passcode to anyone, other than a trusted friend or family member. Try to bring only what you need when you’re walking alone. A phone, ID, a credit card and a small amount of cash, at all times. Unless absolutely necessary, do not bring high quality jewelry, or other expensive personal items. Make a copy of your license and passport before your trip. Leave these items in trusted hands, or in your home, in case you lose your ID while traveling. This will save time, especially if traveling overseas. Be alert of your surroundings at all times. Do not leave any personal information, such as your wallet or cell phone, out of sight. Use caution when communicating with others. Many people easily share information, such as their names, phone numbers, and even home addresses, or hotel information. 

Stay Sober

Vacation can be a fun and free time for many, as it should be! Put the brakes on when traveling alone on the consumption of alcohol. Don’t place yourself in an unsafe situation, by walking alone in the dark, especially in an unfamiliar area. Know your limits and vulnerability while consuming alcohol. Never place your drink down, out of your sight. Avoid going anywhere alone with a stranger. Try placing yourself in larger crowds, if you feel uncomfortable in a particular setting. End communication immediately with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not let others know that you are traveling alone. Always say you are headed to meet a spouse, family or friends, if asked. If dining alone, choose a table for two and ask the waitress to include an extra setting. If you do choose to have more than a couple of cocktails, try to do it in your own hotel. Many lobbies offer happy hour specials and events. 

Research Your Destination

While planning your trip, take your time researching various destinations. Look for the best locations that offer support for solo travelers. Once choosing a place, get to know the area the best you can. Ask around, becoming familiar with the area. Try to stick with a place that friends or family have visited, and listen to their views. If you are to avoid a certain area by locals, or hotel staff, appreciate their help. Familiarize yourself with the language spoken in the destination you choose. If it’s foreign to you, take some classes, or sign up through audibles, helping your trip less challenged. Map out the areas you’ll be staying and visiting in. Get to know where stores, restaurants, nightlife, police and fire stations are located. Make sure the area is a place that is going to be suitable for you and make your trip the most enjoyable!

Be Comfortable With Yourself

Become your own best friend while on solo trips. Learn to enjoy being alone and venturing out. Do things that you have never been able to do before as a couple, family or in groups. This is Your time…Enjoy each and Every moment! Have there ever been places you’d like to visit, yet have had extra travelers boggle you down? This is your time, to see places you’ve always wanted, and spend as much time as you would like at each and every one. Stop and smell the roses, follow that yellow brick road, take your sweet time…it’s just you. Nobody else is on this trip to dictate your itinerary. It’s all your own this time. Looking to shop for an entire day? Do it. Want to spend a day at the beach, without lifting a hand? It’s all yours! Whichever you choose, it’s all up to you. These are just a couple of the benefits while traveling alone. 

Make friends with locals

Reach out to locals in the area you’re visiting, and find out the hot spots. Make friends with trusted individuals, in case you have a desire to come back to this destination. Get to know others that are familiar with the area. This will benefit you if you’d like to revisit

in the future. Knowing the area will help plan for your next trip. You’ll be able to pass on   the information to family and friends. Having knowledge of your destination will help you feel more comfortable planning the second time around. This will save you time and money, knowing where to stay, visit, eat and play. Don’t be shy asking around and meeting new people, keeping your boundaries in the safe zone at all times. Locals are the best resource helping assist in making all of your vacation dreams come true. Check out local bars and restaurants in your hotel. Chat with the servers and plan your next trip!

Buy Travel Insurance

Traveling solo, you may want to consider purchasing additional travel insurance. Unexpected emergencies, last minute cancellations, delayed trips, lost or stolen passports or identity. No matter the situation, travel insurance will cover most emergent situations. Travel insurance can help protect against common problems before and during your trip. Providing assistance, especially while traveling alone, will help provide assurance. Protect yourself and the investment you made in your trip. Research various traveler’s insurance, as each protects you from different situations. Medical and evacuation expenses, baggage delays and loss, as well as theft. Especially while traveling alone, you will have more confidence knowing your trip is fully covered. Make sure your personal belongings, as well as your flight and accommodations are completely insured. Travelers are not able to protect themselves from unseen events. Don’t let your dreams be destroyed by a simple fix, in providing yourself with full travel insurance coverage.