9 International Locations You Need On Your Bucket List

Victoria FallsThose who love traveling often times are looking for that “must see” destination. A lot of times, journeying through the states is not enough for extreme vacationers, and they look for other venues to visit and explore abroad. There are so many extraordinary sections in the world, and there are some places that are absolutely imperative for intense tourists to visit. A bucket list of travel destinations for intense travelers is must have for those who really wish to reach those must see destinations abroad. Here is a list of nine the must see places.

1) Victoria Falls, Africa

A trip to the largest waterfalls in the world should certainly top the bucket list of thrill seeking travelers. Victoria Falls, located in Africa, marks the boarder between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is know for its roaring power and lingering mists that rise as much as 400 meters above the falls. Visitors have two choices about when to visit the falls.

Those who wish to couple their visit with a safari for big game in Botswana, a neighboring safari destination, should consider visiting the falls in between June and August. The best time, however, to see the falls in full action is between February and May, immediately following the summer rains. The locals say the fall’s power can be heard for miles around during this season. Travelers looking for some beauty coupled with some excitement should certainly visit Victoria Falls at least once in their lifetime.