8 Ways You Can Afford To Own A Vacation Home


3) Take Your Time and Shop Around For A Deal

Do your research. There is no urgency to purchasing a vacation home. It is not one of life’s absolute necessities. There are several real estate websites that can provide real estate listings, pricing, and information about your desired location. Zillow is a good example. You can enter your preferences by first entering the zip code for the location you are interested in. Then you will be prompted to enter information as it relates to your budget, how many bedrooms and baths and the type of home you would like to purchase, i.e., single detached house, townhouse, or condo. You can also search potential listings and properties that have been sold recently. Some listings provide a video walk-through as well. Based on your parameters, Zillow will alert you to new listings and reports on home values and trends in the area. The site can also provide you with a list of real estate agents to contact in the area when you are ready. You can also download the Zillow app to your smart phone for on the go searches and alerts. is a website that may be helpful.