14 Most Beautiful Places in Northern America

prince edward island

5) Prince Edward Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence

This island off the coast of the Nova Scotia Peninsula is also known as the Garden of the Gulf, and once you have visited, you’ll understand why. The island offers a bounty of different pastoral settings: rolling hills and woodlands, immaculate white sands beaches tinted with a hint of red, secluded ocean spots, and most famously, deep red soil. Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada not to have a land boundary, being comprised of several islands, one large and numerous much smaller ones. Although the smallest province in Canada, it makes a substantial contribution to Canada’s produce market, with approximately 25% of all potatoes eaten by Canadians being grown on the large island. With its historic St. Dunstan’s Basilica, the island also offers fascinating cultural landmarks for the visitor. It’s easy to tour the island by car or by boat, and excellent walking trails make Prince Edward Island ideal to explore by foot.