14 Most Beautiful Places in Northern America


3) Banff National Park, Alberta

This is the oldest national park in Canada, and has evolved hugely from its modest beginnings. The park started out relatively small, being a 26 square km (16 square miles) nature sanctuary which was known primarily for its healing hot spring. Now, it reaches an expansive 6641 square km (4126 square miles), and contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Canadian Rockies. The park is extremely popular, visited by people from around the world, and it is estimated that over 1 million visitors a year come to view its natural wonders. One of the most alluring spots is Lake Louise, which is renowned for its bright, emerald green waters. The surrounding glaciers allow you to experience geological wonders that date back millions of years. There are guided tours, but the Trans-Canada Highway transects the park, so it’s easy to experience the beautiful forest scenery from the comfort of your own car.