11 Spots Where the Rich Go on Vacation

Everyone likes a vacation…it’s a chance to get away from it all, a chance to spend quality time with family or friends, a chance to relax. Different people have different ideas about what makes for a great holiday, though. Some people prefer staying in their own country and travelling around in a motor home or recreational vehicle. Other people find the appeal of new and maybe adventurous places more exciting and are prepared to travel great distances to get to there.

While many holiday destinations are accessible to the average person, there are a few that seem to cater to the very wealthy. Here’s a list of places to vacation that are favorites with the rich and famous. You’ll need to spend an outrageous amount of cash to get to one of these places but on the positive side, you’ll have a fantastic holiday and you may get to see your favorite celebrity, movie star or recording artist, as well.

1) St. Barts, Caribbean

If there is any place in the world where you’ll find people with great wealth vacationing, this is the spot. St. Barts, or Saint-Barthelemy, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, who named it after his brother, Bartolomeo. St. Barts has been most profoundly influenced by the French and the island has legal status as a French Department. It was when the American millionaire David Rockefeller purchased a holiday home in 1957 that the island became a prestigious holiday location and since then, the island has become the undisputed playground for the rich and famous. Its beaches are considered to be the most beautiful in the world and its night spots are regarded as the most desirable places in which to be seen.