10 Best Places to Live in Washington

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2) Richland

Located in Benton County, Richland is a historic city adjacent to the Columbia River. Home to the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, Richland is yet another Washington city exploding with breath taking wildlife and natural landscapes. This city can be found in the state’s southeast corner and has a healthy population of just over 52,000 residents. Richland was a staple in American war history, first being established as a quaint farm town, and eventually multiplying with army personnel during World War II amid the organization of the Manhattan Project. Economically speaking, Richland thrives on agriculture, including the harvesting of potatoes. The largest employer in the area is the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which focuses on national security, energy, and preserving the environment. The average home price in Richland is an affordable $194,000 with great potential for job growth.