9 Best Cheap All-Inclusive Cruises

Philip Pilosian /

2) Baja, Mexico from Long Beach, CA – Carnival Cruise Lines

Californians love to sneak away on quickie vacations down to Mexico. If you live in the southern California area, the most convenient option is a cruise out of Long Beach. From here you can embark on 2 or 4-day tours down to Ensenada. The 4-day cruise also stops in Catalina, a gorgeous island just off the southern coast of Los Angeles. Carnival Cruise Lines offers great Fall prices (for when the weather gets a little “chilly” for those in Southern California), starting at $268 per person, taxes and fees included. Surprisingly, this price is good for both the 2 and 4-day cruises. These are all-inclusive prices, meaning food, drink, entertainment, and many of the facilities on board won’t require you to pay extra. Things like eating in the specialty restaurants, spa and salon treatments, gambling and casino fun, and tipping are not included.